RIF in Frankton?

Frankton online business I am intrigued and inspired by the way some Frankton people respond to financial challenges.

I have seen Frankton friends whose jobs were outsourced waste no time and retrain for new careers even though they were close to retirement age.

I’ve heard of executive level Frankton businessmen and women who, after finding themselves ‘RIFed,’ take much lower paying positions to support their families.

I’ve heard of entrepreneurs who lost their homes build a small business that allowed them to buy another, nicer Frankton home in just a few years.

I’ve even heard of Frankton stay-at-home moms start online businesses that eventually generated an income larger than their husbands’ earnings at the pinnacle of his career.

If you are sinking financially but have not yet found a solution, I invite you to learn about my Frankton business. I sell Xocai Xe and Xocai Sipping Coco online and in the Frankton area.

Starting your own business for the first time can be overwhelming. I remember how apprehensive I was. Fortunately, I received all the tools and support promised to me when I signed up as a new Xocai Xe distributor. That has also been the experience of the Xocai Sipping Coco distributors in my network–because I have provided the same attentive mentoring! (It’s hard to be humble when your Xocai Sipping Coco team is breaking sales records.)

If you are trying to cope with a financial reversal, let me help you turn things around with Xocai Xe.

I hold Xocai Xe meetings at My Healthy Chocolate Website in Anderson. If you join my Xocai Xe sales team, I pledge to provide you all the support and business tools you will need to succeed.

Healthy Chocolate Connoisseur Derrick Winkel
Anderson, Indiana
801.437.5984 430derrickwinkel@derrickwinkel.com
Xocai Xe Xocai Sipping Coco

Join Winner’s Circle International today!

I am Derrick Winkel, and I am a Anderson-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in October 2007. I sell the industry-leading Xocai Xe and Xocai Sipping Coco online and in Anderson, Frankton, Daleville, and Middletown. Our valued Anderson customers recommend Xocai Sipping Coco because Xocai Sipping Coco dark chocolates will make you feel great!.

Winner’s Circle International is also a fantastic Xocai Xe home-based business in the Anderson area. Indiana entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand Indiana healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about Winner’s Circle International, visit http://derrickwinkel.com/video/.

Call me at 801.437.5984 to own your own Xocai Xe business in Anderson, Frankton, Daleville, or Middletown.

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